Situational Leadership® II Experience


Situational Leadership II is a proven, time-tested leadership model, used to train over 5 million managers across the world: it is the world’s most taught leadership training model for more than 35 years. The situational leadership training model is an easy-to-understand practical framework that helps managers diagnose the needs of their people, and select the appropriate leadership style to meet those needs. Managers will learn the four stages of development – from enthusiastic beginner to self-reliant achiever – and how to apply appropriate directives and supportive behaviors, from directing to delegating, to match their people’s development needs.


The Situational Leadership II program is a 2 day program organized into four key phases: Launch, Learn, Practice and Master. The program is delivered using Ken Blanchard’s award winning learning design: The SLII Experience. The program leverages Blanchard’s latest research and state-of-the-art learning design theory, and delivers a highly engaging learning experience. Your managers will learn, practice, and master the Situational Leadership II styles and skills faster than ever before.



Enhance Leadership Effectiveness – With the appropriate direction and support, people progress through development levels more quickly, perform better, and deliver greater value to the company.


Increase Talent Retention – Leaders who adapt their style to the needs of their team raise morale, make others feel valued, and ultimately increase commitment, engagement and retention.


Enhance Business Results – When employees feel respected and appreciated by their managers they perform better, are more motivated, creative, and actively seek optimal solutions to business issues.

Who Should Attend?

Business Leaders and C-Suite Executives

Leaders looking to optimize their organization’s effectiveness, build a culture that motivates employees, improves overall satisfaction, and drives business capacity by employing situational leadership training.

Senior/Mid-Level Managers

Wishing to accelerate the development and productivity of employees, and reduce HR costs by increasing employee retention rates.

Project Managers

Looking to further develop their leadership style to inspire higher performance in their teams, and ultimately increase their own capacity for management and project delivery.